Excel Tip Tuesday: Which formula should I use?

Posted by Lisa on October 9, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Excel IconI’m sure you’ve all been working in Excel at some point or another and wanting to accomplish something specific. You know there must be a formula that does what you want, but you don’t have a clue what the formula is. Luckily, there is a way to search for formulas in Excel. Start by re-familiarizing yourself with the fx button in the formula bar:

Excel Tips - Which Formula Should I Use

If you click that special little fx button, it will bring up the Insert Function dialog box, and then you can type the name of the function that you want to add. Or, if you don't know what the thing you want to do is called, you can search by category and browse through all the functions.

Excel Tips - Which Formula Should I Use

When you search by category, the list of functions becomes much smaller so that you can narrow it down and locate just the formula you are looking for. There is even a description of each function and a link get help for it.

Excel Tips - Which Formula Should I Use

The most common categories that I use are Financial, Date & Time, Lookup & Reference, Text, and Logical. What you love using will depend on what you're using Excel for. In any case, accessing formulas should make whatever you're doing far easier.

Leave us a comment and let readers know what Excel tips you use on a daily basis.

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