Handling Workplace Harassment

Posted by Christy Putnam on July 29, 2020 at 12:40 PM

Handling Workplace HarassmentOver the past few months, we have all been hyper-focused on navigating our organizations safely through the current, unprecedented times. We've been furloughing employees and bringing them back; making sure we provide a safe work environment or making remote working the new normal; administering all the new government compliance programs and reporting paid sick leave and extended FMLA. While these responsibilities have been taking most of our time and are, understandably, very important, we still have to make sure we are checking items off from our normal HR to-do list, like making sure the employee handbook is up-to-date, maintaining performance management programs, completing OSHA reporting, conducting safety training, benefits renewals, and open enrollments...and the list goes on and on.

This month, we are helping you check off the following critical task that may be on your list by providing valuable resources and updates: anti-harassment training. Employers are expected to provide a safe, healthy, and protected work environment in which employees may perform their jobs. In order to accomplish this, it is recommended your organization implement:

  • A harassment policy that gets reviewed regularly
  • Mandatory, regular company-wide training
  • A safe place for employees to voice their concerns and complaints

With a complete understanding of workplace harassment, you are best prepared to help prevent incidents before they have a chance to happen and cause numerous problems for your organization. If they do happen, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to help victims deal with their experiences, and you will know much better how to anticipate investigation steps and handle the necessary actions.

Many businesses don't have the resources at their fingertips to be ready for a harassment incident, and so they find themselves reacting but unprepared to respond effectively when one occurs. If this describes your organization, we have a valuable and inexpensive solution that will provide the following and more:

  • Anti-Harassment Policy Checklist
  • Sample Harassment Policy
  • Harassment Prevention Training Acknowledgement Forms
  • 2-minute video on “COVID-19: Harassment Prevention Considerations with a Remote Workforce”
  • State and federal legal information on this topic
  • Direct access to licensed HR professionals for guidance and answers to your questions

This is a must have for all HR professionals, as well as organizations that don't have a formal Human Resources department. If you could benefit from such resources, reach out to me so we can discuss everything People Savvy HCM Essentials has to offer.

For additional guidance, and to see the quality of resources available through People Savvy HCM, please plan to attend our free July HR webinar: 'How to Meet Your 2020 Anti-Harassment Training Requirements'. We will take a look at new training and policy requirements, pending legislation, and key deadlines and effective dates for 2020.

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