Sage Fixed Assets Version 2018.1 (In)Compatibility

Posted by B/P News & Notes on April 5, 2018 at 12:12 PM


Sage_Fixed_AssetsYou may have been notified recently by Sage Software that version 2018.1 of its Fixed Assets module is now available. However, you should be aware that – because of an update to Crystal Reports that was included in the new Fixed Assets version – most versions of Sage 100 (i.e. versions 2017 and lower) are NOT compatible with Sage Fixed Assets 2018.1.

If you are not on Sage 100 version 2018, installing the Sage Fixed Assets version 2018.1 will result in an inability to run reports in either Sage 100 or Sage Fixed Assets. More information on this known issue is available on the last page of the Sage Fixed Assets 2018.1 Release Notes.

Should you want to upgrade your Sage Fixed Assets version to 2018.1, we are making the following recommendations based on the version of Sage 100 you’re on:

  • Sage 100 2018 – You should have no issues with upgrading Sage Fixed Assets to version 2018.1.
  • Sage 100 2017 or 2016 – Sage has provided steps in their Knowledgebase for making changes on the Fixed Assets server and workstation to resolve the Crystal Reports incompatibility issue.
  • Sage 100 2015 or lower – In order to upgrade Sage Fixed Assets to 2018.1, you will either need to upgrade Sage 100 to version 2018 or move Fixed Assets to a separate workstation not shared by Sage 100.

Please contact our help desk for technical assistance with making the server and workstation adjustments needed to successfully run Sage Fixed Assets with Sage 100 versions 2016 or 2017.

Bennett/Porter has begun upgrading clients to Sage 100 version 2018 on a limited basis. If you are interested in beginning an upgrade of your Sage 100 to 2018 or would like more information, please contact our office.

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