5 Benefits of Employee Coaching

Posted by Christy Putnam on June 8, 2017 at 8:49 AM

Employees are every organizations most valued resource. Polls show that, in 2016, only approximately 30% of employees were engaged in their workplace. Employees that are provided employee coaching become more engaged, resulting in these five significant benefits to companies they work for.

  1. Retain talented team members - When employees are supported and encouraged, they prove more loyal and motivated. Coaching accomplishes this objective by giving employees the opportunity to share their perspectives. They will be more likely to stick with an organization (reducing overall turnover and the costs associated with it) when they feel their voices are heard and acknowledged.
  2. Increase employee engagement - Organizations with engaged personnel surpass those without by experiencing improvement in individual performance, productivity, and target achievement. These outcomes result in heightened ability to identify solutions, greater ownership and responsibility, and overall increased economic health of the company.
  3. Improve team efficiencies - Coaching helps organizations better identify the competencies of its team, giving a business the opportunity to grow and support these skills and allowing everyone to capitalize on the strengths of the group.
  4. Help the organization thrive in uncertain times - Whether it is a tough financial year, a merger, an acquisition, or turnover in management, coaching is a powerful tool that can assist with team building, conflict reduction, leadership development, and higher employee morale to help get through changing times.
  5. Make effective use of company resources - Coaching typically costs less than formal training. Mentoring helps members grow, develop, and learn new skills under the direction and advice of a seasoned expert. Companies can align coaching programs with the specific goals, values, and mission of the organization.

Learn how to manage towards inspiration, and help your employees experience the pride and satisfaction that come with conquering new challenges.
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