Analyzing Data: Key Features of BizInsight and F9

Posted by James on October 24, 2016 at 1:16 PM
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Stand in the middle of even the laziest stream, and you'll soon notice that the water around you doesn't ever stand still. Like the data in your organization, it comes from many sources and remains in perpetual motion. Trying to consolidate and organize all of that constantly-shifting information in manually-maintained Excel spreadsheets is like trying to hold the water firmly in your bare hand. If you did need to gather the water together and put it to some purpose, you'd find a better tool. Why not take the same approach with your data?

Reporting and analytics software, like BizInsight and F9 among many others, helps you pull business-critical data into Excel and automate its maintenance so that you're always reporting accurate, up-to-date information. Each product offers it's own unique blend of functionality, but there's a handful of essential features that any data analysis solution should provide.

Ease of Use: The point is to reduce the struggle, and so you don't want your software to add another level of complexity to the sea of data you're trying to interpret. The application you choose should adapt intuitively to your purpose, allowing you to pull data together quickly, efficiently, and with minimal errors. Once you've gathered all those streams of numbers into one place, your reporting solution should provide approachable tools that allow you to sift and sort to your heart's content...or at least until you've created the most beautiful reports your CFO has ever seen. Both BizInsight and F9 are designed to maximize functionality and let you get to the heart of the matter.

Drill Down Capability: So there's your report with all it's stellar consolidations and conclusions. But what if some curious soul wants to know how a particular balance got to be that way? The answer should be as easy as right-clicking and selecting to view the underlying data elements that contributed to that final figure. BizInsight and F9 both allow you to quickly display the parts and pieces that make up balances and transactions. Furthermore, F9 lets you filter by a selection, while BizInsight allows user to save their layout for future use and reference.

Distribution Mechanism: Now that your reports have been generated and validated, you need to get them out to various teams in your organization, and you need to get that done in a timely manner to optimize the information's use. Attaching them manually to various email messages can be cumbersome and error-prone, and the biggest benefit to manually distributing them is probably making progress towards your daily step-count. Ideally, you want to distribute these reports to the right people in the shortest amount of time. And how amazing would it be if you could schedule that distribution? BizInsight's BizBroadcast component allows you to do just that. So you can focus on accuracy and let the software worry about delivery. F9 doesn't have a comparable option, but BizBroadcast will even let you distribute F9's Excel-based reports.

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If you're interested in learning more, we can schedule a demonstration of BizNet products for you. Do you already own BizInsight or BizBroadcast and want to learn how to unleash the software's full potential? Get in touch and we can tailor training to your needs.

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