Clearing Up Confusion Over Sage 100c

Posted by Sue on May 31, 2016 at 11:02 AM

sage-100c-stacked.pngI did a session at our Connections Conference in May called ‘The Road Ahead for Sage 100’, and apparently I did a really bad job of trying to explain that Sage 100c is what Sage wants “The Road Ahead” to be for Sage 100.

Sage Software introduced Sage 100c at the end of 2015, and Sage 100c has only two things that Sage 100 currently does not have: The ability to change font resolution on your Sage 100 screens and the ability to use “Themes” – which is basically the ability to change screen colors– by user. It does have a modern look and feel – but if you know how to use Sage 100, you’ll know how to use Sage 100c with very little training.

There are future features that Sage has announced for Sage 100c that will not be part of Sage 100. Some of them are just aesthetic (e.g. prettier buttons), and some of them are true features that will be added to the software. Many of the new features will have an additional cost – like the new Job Ops Manufacturing modules, which are supposed to be released in June -- while others will be included as part of the annual renewal cost.

But here’s my issue with Sage 100c: It is a subscription-based product without the benefits our competitors’ subscription-based products have. Sage 100c has an annual renewal that originally was slated to cost (on average) 15% more than Sage 100. Most of our clients have a Sage 100 Silver Plan, so they’re already paying 21% annual maintenance. Sage 100c costs an additional 15% on top of that! Paying 35 or 36% annually for “maintenance” typically provides additional benefits, such as a Cloud-based system that reduces the cost of hardware and also provides the ability to access the software anywhere/anytime. Sage 100c is not Cloud-based – it still resides on your server or on our hosted servers, and it still is not an internet-based product that can be accessed from a browser. 

I wrote the words “originally was slated to cost” in the previous paragraph. In order to encourage folks to upgrade to Sage 100c, Sage is also “un-grandfathering” Sage 100 clients who had price protection when Sage increased prices in 2012. That price protection goes away as of July 1st. So – many of our clients will have increased pricing for their Sage 100 renewal after July 1st of this year, even if they don’t move to Sage 100c.

What does all that mean to you, our client? It means that each and every client situation is different, and we need to take a look at the cost/benefit of moving to Sage 100c when your Sage 100 renewal comes up. For many of our clients, there will be little incentive to move to Sage 100c. For others, with the un-grandfathered pricing on Sage 100 renewals, it may indeed mean that it might cost less money annually to move to Sage 100c. 

As always, we’re here to help. And we want to know your thoughts. Feel free to give us a call and discuss your particular situation – we’ll let you know what your options are and the costs associated with those options!

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