Countdown to Connections 2016

Posted by James on April 28, 2016 at 4:39 PM
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Connection_Logo_Sphere.jpgBecause conference planning has to begin so far in advance of the actual event, it starts to feel like the day itself is perpetually a long way off. Then one day...say, for example, casually look at the calendar and realize, with a mild twinge of panic, that the event is just a handful of days away. Next, you hastily review your list of remaining tasks and immediatelydivide their count by the number of days left before showtime. The higher the number, the more real - and sooner - the impending moment seems.

Thanks to some expert planning, our team's response to this moment was more excitement than anxiety. Our to-do list is manageable, and we're enthusiastic to see the Connections 2016 vision begin to materialize in reality. We saw it yesterday, when several of us toured the venue at the Sheraton Portland Airport to finalize the layout where attendees, presenters, and vendors will gather together. We see it in our conference room here at Bennett/Porter, where people carve time out of their busy days to prepare and practice their presentations. We definitely notice it in the banners, signs, and branded items that are starting to accumulate around our workspaces. This abundance of activity is all directed at the fun and educational conference just around the corner on May 11. Time is running short, and, like a kid looking forward to a birthday, we're good with that.

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