COVID-19 Vaccinations and Your Workplace

Posted by Christy Putnam on February 11, 2021 at 9:19 AM

COVID-19 Vaccinations and Your WorkplaceEarlier this week, we announced a change in our February HR webinar topic, which will now address the high-demand subject of COVID-19 Vaccinations and Your Workplace. If you or someone you know may benefit from current and critical information relating to the current legality of workplace vaccination mandates, ways to encourage rather than require vaccinations, employees’ rights to speak out against your policies, and much more, we invite you to attend our webinar.

Like everything else related to the pandemic over the last year, there are more questions than answers. Since we are all in this together and trying to navigate our way through, following are some additional resources that may help a little with that navigation:

COVID-19 vaccines are giving many businesses hope that the workplace can slowly return to normal. In addition to following legal advice and requirements, make sure that you are also taking into account employee relations challenges if you are planning to mandate or incentivize vaccines from both operational and cultural perspectives.

Please join us for our complimentary webinar Thursday, February 18th at 10:00am PST

COVID-19 Vaccinations and Your Workplace

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