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Posted by James on April 16, 2019 at 8:51 AM
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How to make using your company's policy handbook easier than ever.Throughout April, we have been addressing the classification and paying of exempt employees. If you haven't already signed up for the free webinar on this topic that will be presented on Wednesday, April 24, we encourage you to do so below. As an employer, documented classification of employees is foundational. It dictates how the pay rules for employees should be set up, and it demonstrates compliance with applicable laws. If your organization doesn't already have a current employee classification policy, here's a template you can download and tailor to get started.

Download the Policy

Once this or any policy is finalized, you'll need a way to communicate it and make it routinely available to your workforce. Doing this used to mean printing out the policies in hard copy format and compiling them in binders to distribute to employees. It meant that, as policies evolved, new hard copies of select pages would be printed and handed around for employees to swap into their binders. Ultimately, it meant lots of binders with lots of slightly different policies. For some organizations, this is still what communicating policies to employees means.

Fortunately, there's a much better way.

Businesses that use contemporary HCM systems can effortlessly make policies and policy changes available to all employees at once using document distribution and employee self-service (ESS) tools. For example, when employees need to reference the handbook for answers, they can do so by logging into the HCM system and instantly accessing and/or downloading the most current version of the document.

Access company documents via your HCM's employee self-service tools.

Download the current employee handbook quickly.

As changes are made to company policies - like the employee classification one - an HR Administrator can make revisions once and upload them for immediate visibility to the entire workforce.

In some cases - as with new hires - acknowledgment of review and agreement to company handbook policies may be required. Using an HCM system, this task can be completed with just a couple clicks, eliminating the need to track down and store physical copies of acknowledgment forms. And if a major revision to the handbook is released that all employees needs to acknowledge, this is can be easily accomplished by initiating a workflow process requiring new digital signatures.

Handbook acknowledgments are easy with ESS and digital signatures.

If you're company is still being frustrated by binders and paper forms, and you'd like a more efficient way of keeping your workforce updated, check out what a technologically current HCM system like People Savvy HCM can do for you.

Again, don't forget to attend our complementary webinar Wednesday, April 24 at 11:00am PDT to find out what every employer should know about properly classifying employees.

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