Excel Tip Tuesday: Don't hide. Group!

Posted by Lisa on June 5, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Excel IconAre you guilty of hiding columns and rows in Excel? Sometimes there is information that you don’t want to show on your Excel report, but you need to have the information there for reference or for notes or formulas. The most common thing to do is HIDE, which I think should be a punishable offense. Hiding column A or row 1 can sometimes be difficult to unhide. Or you might forget - or not realize - that there are hidden rows or columns. Is there a better way? Yes, there is!

It’s called grouping. It’s faster than hiding and unhiding; plus you can tell whether or not there are hidden (i.e. grouped) columns or rows quickly. Here's how to create a group.

Highlight the columns or rows that you want to hide. On the Data tab in Excel, click the Group button and then select 'Group...'.

Excel Tips - Grouping1

You will see the minus symbol appear below the formula bar if you're grouping columns and to the left of your row numbers if you're grouping rows. You can click on this symbol to quickly hide your rows or columns and the plus symbol to unhide. If you have multiple grouped columns or rows, you can hide or unhide all of them by clicking on the number symbols in the upper-left corner of your worksheet.

Excel Tips - Grouping2

And if you ever want to ungroup that data, just highlight the row or column, click that Ungroup button in your Data tab ribbon, and select 'Ungroup...'. See? There's no need to hide anymore.

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