Excel Tip Tuesday: How did you copy all that data?

Posted by Lisa on May 15, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Excel IconWhen I'm teaching a class or doing a demo in Excel, people will often stop me suddenly and ask, "Wait, wait, wait! How did you just copy all of that data so fast?" Here's how you can speed things up for yourself.

When working with a data set, most people who want to use Excel's auto fill feature to copy data or formulas will grab the fill handle (that little square in the bottom-right corner of the active cell) and drag down to the bottom. So, in the example shown below, these slowpokes would click on the fill handle, hold, and drag down to populate all the rows in column I.

Excel Tips - Double Click Fill Handle

Easy, right? But you know what's even easier? Just double-click that same fill handle for the same results! When you double-click, Excel looks at the surrounding data, finds the last row with data, and copies the formula down to the last row of the data set. Easy...and fast!

Leave us a comment and let readers know what Excel tips you use on a daily basis.

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