Excel Tip Tuesday: How to do Absolute References FAST!

Posted by Lisa on December 4, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Excel IconNow that you've followed Part 1 and Part 2 of our Absolute References series, you may be saying, "Yeah, but it takes a lot of time when creating formulas to type in the dollar sign ($), especially when building long, complicated formulas. Well, there’s a shortcut to fill in the dollar sign quickly and make your work super fast: just use the F4 key.

In your formula if you press F4 once it will put the dollar sign $ in front of the column and row to fully anchor the cell.

Absolute References3-1

Press F4 a second time to change the absolute reference to the row only (i.e. anchor the row).

Absolute References3-2

Press F4 a third time to change the absolute reference to the column only (i.e. anchor the column).

Absolute References3-3

Press F4 a fourth time to remove the absolute reference.

Absolute References3-4

Easy, right? Now you can quickly go back and edit any formulas to use absolute cell references by using the F4 key on your old Excel workbooks. So next time you need to copy a formula, you won’t have to edit it!

Leave us a comment and let readers know what Excel tips you use on a daily basis.

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