Excel Tip Tuesday: Making Excel Speak!

Posted by Lisa on November 13, 2018 at 10:15 AM

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Have you ever worked late and wished that there was someone to talk? Maybe even someone who could help you do your work? Did you know that Excel can actually speak? And it's a really diligent co-worker, too. Making Excel speak can come in handy if you need someone to read numbers to you while you check them off of a report for the purposes of reconciling the books. It can also recite poetry, but maybe we’ll get to that in another blog…

You might be really excited by now and enthusiastically asking, "How do you make Excel speak?" Remember when we went over customizing the Quick Access Toolbar? We’re going to use that knowledge now to create a shortcut, and then you will have that person - oh okay...that A.I. - that can read numbers to you while you're doing all that reconciling.

Preparing to make cells speak.
  • Click the arrow next to the Quick Access Toolbar and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Select the 'More Commands...' option.
    Excel Tip Tuesday: Making Excel Speak!
  • From the 'Choose commands from' dropbox, select "All Commands".
  • Scroll down and, for each text-to-speech command that you want to use, select the "Speak Cells" command, and then click the Add>> button.
  • Click the OK button.
    Excel Tip Tuesday: Making Excel Speak!
  • When you want to use a text-to-speech command, click it the Quick Access Toolbar.
Making cells speak!
  • Select a group of cells to read back.
  • Click Speak Cells button: Excel Tips - Excel Speaks3
  • To correct an error, click the Stop Speaking button. Then use your mouse and keyboard to make the necessary changes.
  • Click the Speak Cells button to make Excel continue to read back your selection.
    Tip: You can select a specific range of cells for the computer to read back to you, or you can click the Speak Cells button without selecting any cells and Excel will automatically expand the selection to include the neighboring cells that contain values.
Play back after every cell entry (if you're really serious about this speaking thing).
  • Click the Speak On Enter button: Excel Tips - Excel Speaks4
  • Enter data in a cell. After you press the Enter key, the computer will read back the data in the cell.

Now maybe you can figure out how to make Excel sing a holiday song?

Leave us a comment and let readers know what Excel tips you use on a daily basis.

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