Excel Tip Tuesday: Teach the fill handle a new list

Posted by Lisa on May 29, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Excel IconAre you typing the same list into Excel over and over? And over? If you have between 2 and 240 items in a list that you use time and again, you can teach Excel that list so that it can recall it for you.

To teach Excel your list:

  1. Type the list in a column within Excel.
  2. Select the list.
  3. Using the menus, navigate to File => Options => Advanced => Edit Custom Lists (on a Mac, navigate to Excel => Preferences and double-click Custom Lists).
  4. Select 'Import'.
Excel Tips - Teach Fill Handle

To use your fancy new list:

  1. Type any item from the list into a cell.
  2. Grab the fill handle and drag. Excel will fill from your list. When it reaches the last item in the list, Excel will start over with the first item.
  3. Enjoy not having to type out all the items in all those lists ever again!

Leave us a comment and let readers know what Excel tips you use on a daily basis.

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