How Digital Transformation in the Workplace Can Help Focus on People

Posted by James on July 15, 2020 at 3:33 PM
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Mobile Workforce Focus On PeopleA recent Ankura survey found that 48% of employees wish that workplace technology performed as well as personal technology. This high number indicates a broad divide between employee expectations for information usage and what employers are actually delivering. While data-driven apps, mobile-ready devices, and search engines like Google offer people near instantaneous access to information in their personal and social lives, as employees they continue struggling when at work to access basic information regarding time off accruals, hours usage, and scheduling. Furthermore, they frequently find themselves tethered to non-mobile points of access. These technology impediments are also expensive for employers, since excess time, energy, and costs are continuously expended when employees have to waste time seeking basic information and answers.

By deploying a workplace strategy that includes a mobile-ready, data-rich Human Capital Management system, employers can improve the digital experience of their employees and, in turn, benefit from the enhanced quality of interaction with their workers, all while creating cost-saving efficiencies.

Improve Employee / Management Relationships

Ankura surveyed thousands of hourly employees and found the following sad statistics:

  • Only 57% of employees feel that they are an important part of their company.
  • Only 39% of employees think that their company’s management team cares about them.
  • A meager 33% of employees feel that the management team communicates well with shift workers.

Even worse, organizations are spending more and more time just trying to communicate basic information to their employees. Clearly, using traditional, manual methods for these efforts are as ineffectual as they are costly and inefficient. Using a fully-integrated HCM system that includes a mobile time and labor management component can help organizations reverse this downward trend.

Mobile-enabled information facilitates direct, immediate communication between managers and their employees, so there isn't a constant struggle just to keep employees informed of basic events and changes. Employees who are proactively informed of such information worry less and remain less frustrated than those who constantly feel left out of the conversation, and that keeps morale high. Moreover, knowing right where to find accurate information, and having that information close at hand, frees up time for much more meaningful conversations between managers and employees.

Maintain Work / Life Balance while Improving Operations

In 2018, 768 million days of PTO went unused, and that was an increase from the previous year. Employees who lose earned time off because of poor scheduling can quickly grow frustrated, and they will often blame the employer who lacked the required organizational tools and, as a result, was perceived to have created that outcome. At the same time, an absence of meaningful information can cause employers to have trouble seeing the big picture, and so they continue to overtax their labor resources in ways that don't actually serve the company well. These circumstances reinforce one another, creative a cycle of mutual aggravation.

Facilitating employees' work/life balance and maximizing labor capacity need not be competing objectives. An HCM system with built-in advanced analytics can allow employers to understand employee use (or non-use) of time off for maintaining employee health while also providing insights into efficient shift coverage and scheduling needs. With sufficient functionality, such a system can quickly and visually indicate how schedules might be adjusted to cover all required work while maximizing opportunities for employees to use their hard-earned time off. In this way, intelligent automation may be used to control labor and overtime costs while increasing employee satisfaction, retention, and safety.

If you're interested in finding out how an HCM system can play a part in your strategy of improving employee experiences while also improving your business efficiency, contact us today.

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