How many Sage 100 Payroll options are there?

Posted by Sue on June 27, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Sage_100_Payroll.pngThere are now four different payroll offerings through Sage Software, for Sage 100, and we'd like to let our clients and others know what those options are.

  • Beginning with the Sage annual maintenance renewals last month (May), Sage started eliminating the Sage 100 Payroll module from the annual renewal. As a client’s Sage maintenance plan renews, Payroll clients will now have to have a “subscription” specifically for the Sage 100 Payroll module that is based on the number of employees a client has. Initially, Sage rolled out a tiered structure based on the number of active employees, that would have charged existing Payroll clients up to $4,000 annually, just for the Payroll module alone. Resellers across the nation expressed their vehement dislike of that plan, and as such Sage changed that tiered structure so existing Payroll clients were grandfathered in to paying a maximum of $1,200. The minimum an existing client will pay for Payroll updates/upgrades is $550 (up to 10 employees) while the most they will pay is that $1,200 amount (150 employees or more). Sage will contact existing Payroll clients before their annual Sage renewal date, and those clients will now have two maintenance plans: One specifically for the Payroll module and another for the rest of their Sage 100 ERP software. Note that you cannot have a Payroll subscription plan without having the Sage annual maintenance plan in place for your other Sage 100 modules. Incidentally, Sage support is included with the new Payroll subscription plan. Bennett/Porter will still support the Sage 100 Payroll module for clients who have questions Sage might not be able to answer – but Sage support is indeed included in the new plan. Plus, the Sage Payroll subscription also includes the Sage Direct Deposit module at no additional charge.
  • The second offering is what used to be the ABRA division at Sage, and has now been renamed Sage HRMS. Sage HRMS is still an on-premise Payroll and HR solution (meaning that is still resides on your server or our hosted servers) that has a link to Sage 100’s General Ledger. For clients who need Human Resources Management in addition to Sage Payroll, the Sage HRMS solution offers more than just Payroll – it has a separate HR component to it.
  • The third offering for our Sage 100 clients is Sage Payroll Services, which is an outsourced Payroll through Sage Software. Sage purchased a payroll processor some time ago (PayChoice) and word has it that Sage Payroll Services are very competitive with either ADP, PayChex, or a number of the other outsourced payroll processors. There is a link from Sage Payroll Services to post the transactions from that outsourced payroll directly into your Sage 100 General Ledger.
  • The fourth (and final?) Payroll offering for Sage 100 clients is one that has been announced, but that Sage has not released as of this date. That last payroll offering will be a combination of outsourced payroll and on-premise payroll. When we know more about this new “combined” payroll offering, we’ll announce it here.
As always, if you have questions/concerns/comments about any of the Sage 100 Payroll options, please give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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