How much time are you going to waste managing Workers' Compensation cases?

Posted by James on June 9, 2020 at 10:31 AM
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Saving Time When Processing Workers' Compensation Insurance ClaimsAs employees begin returning to the workplace from an extended period of home isolation, it is quite possible that we'll see a short-term bump in accidents and Workers' Compensation claims. It's going to take some time to restore old routines and form new ones in the offices, warehouses, and work spaces that have been quiet over the past few months. Mistakes are going to happen, and some of those mistakes are going to cause accidents that result in Workers' Compensation cases. How much time will you waste juggling all the different tools you use to manage those cases? With an integrated Human Capital Management solution like People Savvy HCM, the answer might be, "Not much."

The Workers' Compensation management tools in People Savvy HCM allow you to manage all of your critical information in one place, so you have one reliable source to consult when communicating confidently with both insurance providers and claimants. 

When working with insurance companies, accessing all of your carrier and policy information from one centralized location can ease stress and make those conversations as minimally stressful and time consuming as possible. For example, in People Savvy HCM's HR module, all information regarding your company's Workers' Compensation policies is stored in one location so that you can quickly access it and move between the elements involved in filing and processing a claim.

Saving Time When Processing Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims

The Policies area is the heart of this cluster of tools, and it's where you'll find comprehensive details that will help you file and coordinate claims.

Saving Time When Processing Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims

Most importantly, knowing where to look will reduce the amount of time that managing these incidents subtract from your day.

On the other side of the conversation, People Savvy HCM provides case management tools for thorough documentation of all aspects of the incident. This helps to avoid any ambiguity when documenting conversations with employees that might slow down the claim. Claims thereby get resolved more rapidly and the company is protected against excess liability derived from vague or incomplete accounts.

Saving Time When Processing Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims

Most people are looking forward to a safe return to the workplace. Unfortunately, accidents will happen. If you weren't prepared to manage claims accurately and easily before COVID-19, now is a great time to prepare yourself and your organization for the future.

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