How to Transfer Your Oregon Transit Tax Information from Sage 100 to the State

Posted by James on October 5, 2018 at 2:46 PM
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Transit Tax Report InstructionsIn June, we provided a method for collecting your Oregon Statewide Transit Tax information in Sage 100 Payroll. This approach involved storing the tax collection data in Sage's State of Oregon 'Employee SDI' field, since the State of Oregon doesn't have SDI tax. Now it's time to submit reports to the state for this tax, and you'll need to get the information out of the Sage 100 Payroll module so that it can be transferred to the state via Revenue Online, the Oregon Department of Revenue's site for tax reporting and payment. We've come up with a way to make this process as easy as possible.

To facilitate the process via exporting/importing between Sage 100 and Revenue Online, we've developed a pair of Crystal Reports that can be installed in Sage 100 for just this purpose. The installation instructions follow for your review, and the reports and instructions can be downloaded below as a package for $150.00. If you would like us to install them for you, we can certainly help with that at our hourly billing rate in addition to the cost of the reports.

Before you read on, please note that the reports and instructions for purchase here only apply if the following two things are true:

  1. You followed our recommendation and used Sage's State of Oregon 'Employee SDI' field to collect the tax.
  2. You are using one of these Sage 100 Payroll versions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, or 2017.

If you are using Sage 100 Payroll version 4.5, the instructions are the same, but the reports are different. Please contact us directly at if you need reports for version 4.5.

For those of you using Sage 100 Payroll version 2018, the Oregon Transit Tax is built in via Aatrix, so you don't need this process. However, you will need to make sure Product Update 4 is installed for both Sage itself the and Sage Payroll module. We can help with this or you can do it yourself, though we recommend first reading last week's post on tips for installing product updates on your own.

Purchase the Oregon Statewide Transit Tax export reports here:

Purchase the Reports

Here are those Oregon Transit Tax export instructions...

This report assumes that all wages paid in the Quarter were subject to the new Oregon Statewide Transit Tax Report. If you did not withhold Transit Tax from your first July Payroll (because it was paying wages earned in June), this report will not work for your company. Another Crystal Report, with date ranges, will need to be used to accommodate your Statewide Transit Tax reporting. In that case, please contact us at (503) 620-3484 or for assistance.

  1. From Windows Explorer (outside of Sage 100), copy the Crystal “PR OR Transit Custom” and the Crystal “PR OR TransitEXP Custom” reports to the ‘Reports’ folder in your Sage 100 installation.
    Transit Tax Instructions1
    Note: The path to your Sage ‘Reports’ folder may be different than the one shown above. Your ‘Reports’ folder may just be located in the Sage/MAS90 subdirectory.

  2. Install the Oregon Quarterly Transit Export and the Oregon Transit Quarterly Report Form on the ‘Custom Reports’ menu in the Payroll module by doing the following:
    • Navigate to Library Master > Setup > Report Manager. The Report Manager window will open.
    • Using the Add Report to Menu button at the bottom of the screen, add the two reports to the menu one at a time, linking each of the two reports with the appropriate file path of the reports you copied to the ‘Reports’ folder in Step 1. Name the reports appropriately: one is the “Oregon Transit Quarterly Report Form” and the other is the “Oregon Quarterly Transit Export”.
    • Screens will follow asking you which users you want to be able to run this report. Choose the users you want to be able to access these reports.
      Transit Tax Report Instructions2
  3. Access the ‘Custom Reports’ folder in the Payroll module and run the Payroll “Oregon Quarterly Transit Export” report from that menu, changing the printer option using the Preview button.
    Transit Tax Report Instructions3
  4. When the report shows on your screen, click the Export button – the first button on the toolbar, as shown below:
    Transit Tax Report Instructions4
  5. When prompted, save the file in ‘Format’ of “Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Data-Only” and make sure the ‘Destination’ is set to “Application”.
    Transit Tax Report Instructions5
  6. Accept the default prompts that display in the Excel Format Options window by clicking the OK button.
    Transit Tax Report Instructions6
  7. Excel will open with the data for your Transit Tax Report. Highlight the entire first column (“Employee SSN”) by clicking on the ‘A’ in the first column (Excel Column A). When the entire column is highlighted, right click and select “Format Cells…”. Change the ‘Category’ to “Text” and click the OK button at the bottom of your screen.
    Transit Tax Report Instructions7
  8. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, change the name of the tab from “Sheet1” to “EmployeeDetail” (all one word).
    Transit Tax Report Instructions8
  9. From the ‘File’ menu, select “Save As…”, name the file as you wish, and set the ‘Save as type’ to “Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)”. Note that the file must end in .xlsx to be accepted by Revenue Online. We recommend that you save the file in a secure location that is only accessible to employees who have access to the Payroll module; in a folder called ‘OR Transit Tax’. Remember the location and name of the file, as you will need to access this folder/file to import it into Revenue Online.
    Transit Tax Report Instructions9
  10. You are now ready to access Revenue Online to import the saved file.

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