Making Sure Employees See Your Company's Handbook

Posted by James on December 15, 2020 at 9:20 AM
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Employee Handbook SignIn our recent post addressing the need for and benefits of an employee handbook, we mentioned the importance of having employees sign off on having received and read an organization's employee handbook. This is a vital step in creating and distributing a handbook because it encourages employees to read the document, ask questions about its contents, and signal that they understand the information provided. We also noted that sign-off should occur when each new edition of the handbook is given out.

Many employers find this last aspect of providing an employee handbook to be the most bothersome, to the point where it creates an obstacle to generating a handbook in the first place. It uses so much paper and requires someone to track, identify, and chase down all those signatures. This is where a human capital management system like People Savvy HCM can help streamline the process and facilitate a critical HR task.

Whether upon initial hiring of an employee or during annual benefits enrollment, review and sign-off of the most current employee handbook can be incorporated into a defined employee checklist. For example, the New Hire checklist show below, which includes to-dos such as setting up direct deposit and completing payroll forms, can also require the employee to acknowledge the latest version of the employee handbook, like this:

Employee Handbook Checklist

Right from within the checklist, the employee can download the most current version of the handbook, avoiding the need to try and remember which stack of paper or binder contains the most current information. The task link in the checklist itself will take the employee to an acknowledgement form, with her/his name pre-populated, like this:

Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form

When the employee selects to sign off on the document, the system presents the employee with a window to confirm the acknowledgment:

Employee Handbook Electronic Signature

The collection of a digital signature means less effort is required by HR in making sure all employees have confirmed their understanding. If there is a question about who has not yet signed off, the HR Manager can simply pull up a report of all employees who have not yet provided confirmation. Less paper. Less running around. More efficiency.

If you would like additional guidance or a refresher on what policies should be included in the employee handbook, please join our complimentary December webinar on Wednesday, December 16th at 10:00am PST.

Why You Need an Employee Handbook

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