Navigating the Changing Trends in Accounting

Posted by James on July 24, 2018 at 3:44 PM
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Navigating Changing Trends in AccountingDid you know that...

  • ...while 80% of CPAs think their role will change drastically by 2025, only 10% of them view themselves as innovative?
  • ...accounting firms with 100% of their clients using cloud computing witnessed a 15% increase in revenue year over year, compared to 4% growth at traditional firms?
  • ...over the next 20 years, there's a 97.6% chance of bookkeeping jobs becoming automated and a 93.5% chance of accounting and auditing jobs doing the same?
  • in artificial intelligence increased by 300% from 2013 to 2016, led by large accounting firms?
  • spending on blockchain solutions - which will revolutionize how audits are conducted - is anticipated to reach $2.1 billion by the end of 2018?

That's a great deal of current and predicted change for the financial services sector. But remember that disruptive technology is more likely to transform jobs than wipe them out. So how do you plan to respond to these changing trends in accounting and shift from a transactional role to an advisory one, continuing to add insight and value for your clients?

We've partnered with Century Business Solutions to bring you this free eBook, which serves as a guide to keeping up with massive changes that new technologies will provoke in this industry.

Download this free eBook!
'The 6 Skills Accountants Need to Weather Any Change'

The Six Skills Accountants Need to Weather Any Change

This resource explains the rapid advancements in technology that are impacting the financial services sector, and it presents six abilities that any accountant should cultivate in order to successfully adapt to changes.

If, after you read our eBook, you have questions about how technology might fit into - and even benefit - your work, please contact us. Bennett/Porter would love to be your Trusted Advisor as you engage the widespread evolution of accounting technologies.

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