New Features in Sage 100 2019 PU2

Posted by Marty on November 18, 2019 at 10:57 AM
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We are excited to tell you about a couple of new features in the recent Product Update for Sage 2019 that we have been requesting for some time now.

  • Auto Update Daily Transaction Register – I can’t tell you how many times I have had to explain that there are two updates for all modules (except the General Ledger) because the General Ledger posting is a separate update from the subsidiary module you are updating. Good news - with this new feature, you can turn off the extra questions and update in a single step. The controls for this are in Role Maintenance - which means you can leave it as it always has been for some users and have the single step update for other users.

    Here is how to change your role settings to accommodate the Auto Update for the Daily Transaction Register. Navigate to Library Master > Main > Role Maintenance > 2. Security Events tab. Under each module, there is a new option: Allow Automatic Update of Daily Transaction Register. Sweet!
Auto Update Daily Transaction Register
  • Warning Message for Document Dates – As we all know, Sage 100 is very date sensitive, and there are often problems at the end or the beginning of years. In January, users will change back and forth between the two calendar years, posting expenses or cash receipts for January, then changing the date back to December to post accrued invoices. This January, no doubt, folks will post to 12/31/2020 by mistake, meaning to post to 12/31/2019. This new feature helps to avoid that from happening. You can designate how many periods prior and in the future to "Allow postings outside of the Current Period".

    Now remember that this is a warning and doesn’t block you from posting - it just warns you. This is something you could test by turning the feature on to see how it works. It is by company, not user roles, so all users will need to be informed that you’ve enabled the feature.

    Here is how it works. Navigate to Library Master > Main > Company Maintenance > 2. Preferences tab. At the bottom of the screen, you choose how many periods before the current period and after the current period.
    Warning Message for Document Dates
    By the way, this feature will be seen in Visual Integrator Imports and Exports, Bank Reconciliation’s Reconcile Bank, Bill of Materials Disassembly/Production, AP Invoice, Manual Check and Payment Processing, and many more menu items in various modules.

  • Distribution Table Default by Vendor. When the Distribution Tables came out, I was surprised that it was not in Vendor Maintenance, but here it is!

    Here is how it works. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Main > Vendor Maintenance > 2 Additional tab. The Expense Distribution Table is on the left side in the middle.Distribution Table Default by Vendor

There are other new features, but these are the ones that have been requested for a while. Happy computing!

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