New Year, New HR Opportunities

Posted by Christy Putnam on January 10, 2020 at 2:53 PM

New HR Opportunities for the New YearHappy New Year! And not only a new year but a new decade. Is anyone else finding it very hard to believe how fast time is flying by? Just a year ago, many of us were saying, “This is going to be the year.” Perhaps it was going to be the year to make big changes, get organized, create efficiencies, focus on learning and education, implement new systems, add additional resources, or just really be on top of things. Congratulations to those who actually made 2019 “The Year”. And for the majority of us who are once again saying, “This! This is going to be the year,” let’s work together to make many of those wonderful things actually happen as the 20s get underway.

Several resources are reporting that some of the top HR challenges or trends for 2020 will include things like:

  • Improving employee engagement and development
  • Increased need for data analytics
  • Pay reporting and transparency (e.g. closing the gender pay gap)
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Automating to improve both efficiency and accuracy
  • The big “C” word……COMPLIANCE!
  • AND the one that is eternally on the list: getting buy-in for increased HR investment

What else is on your list this year?

To help kick off 2020, our first HR webinar of the year will focus on the relationship between HR and information security. HR plays a vital role in not only protecting employee information but defending access to sensitive company information as well. Please plan to attend our webinar, in which we will review essential practices and other useful tips on how to safeguard employees’ private information and share some ideas on what HR can do to help prevent data breaches.

Please join us for our complementary webinar on Thursday, January 23rd at 11:00am PST

The Intersection of HR and Information Security

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