Ready. Set. Implement!! How to prepare for your ERP software.

Posted by Jeff on May 9, 2017 at 2:42 PM

The great news: Your business is growing. The unfortunate news: You're spending more and more of your time updating and cross-referencing the dozen or so spreadsheets required to know where anything and everything is. Eventually, unless you find a more effective system, your business's ability to grow will be severely compromised. So you decide to invest in that Enterprise Resource Planning software that can take your operation to the next level. Selecting the right system for your needs takes careful analysis of the options and an agreed-upon methodology. Yet, perhaps more than anything, it requires a candid and dedicated frame of mind on everyone's part. This is not an endeavor to undertake lightly.

Over the next three weeks, we'll present a series of insights that our Trusted Advisors look for when evaluating a potential client's readiness for making this major investment in software, their business, and their future. So before you get on your mark and get ready to sprint to success, take some time to learn from our wisdom and experience. Here's what we'll be talking about:

  • Timeline
    The decision to implement a new solution in a company can be exciting but also extremely challenging. It will use up time and resources that can better be utilized just operating the business. So whether you are trying to meet a particular challenge or just trying to implement as efficiently as possible, there is always a time element associated with the need for a new solution. This first installment next week will provide your decision-making team with some questions to consider as the clock starts ticking and the urgency begins rising.
  • Motivation
    Do you really want to do this? Does your management team? To what degree are your employees motivated to participate? Understanding where the drive comes from and how strong it is will be critical as you wade into the implementation. If the desire isn't there - or is short-lived - you could find yourself treading deep water pretty soon after kick-off. This segment will help you be thoroughly honest about the motivating factors in your organization, because an implementation that stalls out can be one of the most unnecessarily costly experiences you can put your business through.
  • Budget
    It's important to do the requisite return on investment calculations and evaluate all the potentials costs (including the cost of doing nothing). Ultimately, however, the budget is thoroughly intertwined with your vision for the project. What you're willing to spend says a great deal about how fast you want to proceed, whether or not you prefer a phased approach, how many resources you're willing to dedicate to the project, and your optimism about the outcome being better than the starting point. This final post will help you clarify that vision and, perhaps, the budget decisions that represent it.

Are you ready for an ERP software system but not sure if your business is prepared for the discipline and effort it takes to implement it? We can help walk you through these and other areas to evaluate your organization's potential for success. Get in touch anytime.

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