The Importance of Documenting an Employee's Termination

Posted by James on September 11, 2019 at 2:31 PM
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employee termination done right documenting meetingWhether an employee is asked to leave or leaves on his or her own, it's critical that the employer thoroughly document all specific details of the process through to its conclusion. Memories are not perfect, and rarely do multiple people remember the same event the same way. Even just a couple days after the termination meeting, individual accounts of what happened can vary wildly; especially if the employee is not leaving on good terms and/or tempers were running high throughout the exit. If the events are ever called into question - especially legal question - the employer will be in the best position possible if everything that happened is recorded, organized, and readily accessible.

The best way to accomplish this is to use the Human Resources features in your Human Capital Management software to document all the details of the termination along the way. This way, you can attach all information about the termination process to the employee's permanent record and retrieve it at will. Should the employee re-apply in the future, you'll be able to easily review all the details of the separation and quickly determine if s/he is re-hirable.

Advanced systems will also help make sure that you don't miss any details before it's too late...and costly. For example, during the termination process, People Savvy HCM will remind you of any company assets in the employee's possession that need to be retrieved, as well as accrued time off amounts that may need to be adjusted as of the termination date.

termination process assets and accruals

By the time the entire process is complete, your HCM system should be able to show you a complete record of the transaction, including notes, interview details, and any supporting documentation that was generated.

employee termination full transaction details

You'll have confidence in knowing that no steps were missed in the termination process, and you handled this difficult task as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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