The Reporting Power of BizInsight Desktop

Posted by Lisa on September 30, 2016 at 4:06 PM

Do you currently use BizInsight and wish you could create non-General Ledger reports with it? Guess what? You can! If you own BizInsight, then you also already own BizInsight Desktop Edition. Here's a brief overview of what Desktop Edition can do for you:

Bennett/Porter's BizNet experts can install and provide training on this exceptional tool for you. If you don't own BizInsight, you can purchase Desktop Edition separately for as little as $20.00/month. Give us a call at 503-620-3484 if you're interested in finding out more, or click below to send us your questions.

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For an introduction to what's possible with Desktop Edition, check out Liz Ortega's excellent seven-part blog series. And be among the first to learn about our upcoming Desktop Edition webinar by subscribing to this blog!

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