Touchless Timeclocks are the Future, and the Future is Now!

Posted by James on February 16, 2022 at 11:25 AM
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Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 10.37.44 AMMask mandates may soon be going away in cities and counties throughout the country. Viruses - Covid or otherwise - certainly are here to stay. One positive effect of the pandemic for many companies is that more attention has been brought to the physical health of their overall workforces. At workplaces where employees have already returned or will do so soon, allowing a few potentially ill employees to interact with lots of healthy ones in close quarters has become a true threat to conducting business. Employers can't afford to have large groups of employees out sick for an unspecified amount of time, especially in such a challenging hiring environment. Increasingly, companies are looking for contactless technologies that will help protect the wellbeing of their employees, their customers, and their business operations alike. Touchless timeclocks are a key component of this health-maintenance strategy.

Touchless timeclocks come in several forms, but most of them require some sort of object - a magnetic card or a key fob, for instance - to be carried by the employee. So even though the clock itself doesn't need to be contacted, an object must still be handled. Too often, especially in a pandemic context, that object brushes up against the reader on the clock, allowing invisible germs and viral matter on the employee's hand to transfer to the clock, and allowing whatever has collected on the clock to transfer back to the employee. So much for touchless!

Now, however, facial recognition technology makes it possible for clocking transactions to be truly contact free. By simply looking from a safe distance at an iPad running such software, employees can be clocked in quicker, more reliably, and safer than ever before. For businesses running People Savvy HCM, we can have them up and running with this technology within a day.

Touchless attendance systems are a key part of a business strategy aimed at keeping employees safe and productive.

For companies that want to take the next step and conduct temperature screening, we now offer a bluetooth thermometer option to complement these touchless clocks. When employees attempt to clock in for the first time in a day, they are directed to a touchless thermometer that accurately reads their temperature from forehead or wrist. If an employee's temperature exceeds the configured threshold - indicating the possibility of a fever - the employee is prohibited from clocking in and management is immediately alerted so that the proper, protective protocols can be followed.

The masks might be coming off soon, but don't take chances with the health of your workforce. Get in touch with us today, and let us show you how the health of your business can benefit from the use of touchless timeclocks.

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