What To Look for in a Payment Processor

Posted by James on August 23, 2018 at 10:15 AM
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what to look for in a payment processor

As a technology solutions provider of business management software, we - and our software manufacturing colleagues - often get excited and jump right into the super awesome features and functionality of the products we offer. But sometimes you just need some background about a technology as well as some idea of why it exists to begin with. So when we came across this brief, informative video about payment processing from our partners at Century Business Solutions, we thought we'd share it with you, our readers, who might benefit from the overview. We're coupling it with a free checklist about choosing a payment gateway, just in case watching the overview leads you to the need for research.

In addition to learning about what a payment processor is for, this brief video will explain why the following qualities are important when considering who to take your business to:

  • security
  • freedom from contracts
  • verifiable references
  • flexibility across platforms
  • dedication to support

Enjoy the video below! And when you're done watching, download this checklist on How to Choose a Payment Gateway.

Free Checklist: How to Choose a Payment Gateway

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