What you should know about Sage Time.

Posted by James on June 28, 2018 at 12:57 PM
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What you should know about Sage Time.Having been contacted directly by Sage Software, some of our customers have inquired about their recently released Sage Time offering. Sage Time is a web-based time and labor management (TLM) system that eases time collection and automates pay calculations in readiness for payroll processing. Sounds cool, right?

The real behind the scenes story, however, is that Sage Time is not developed by Sage Software. It's actually only one-third of Kronos's Workforce Ready product, which Sage has white-labeled in partnership with Kronos. Why does that matter? It might not. But it depends on your organization's ultimate goals with regard to time and labor management...and beyond.

As you may know, Bennett/Porter has also developed a direct partnership with Kronos, and we, too, have white-labeled their TLM product. We call ours People Savvy HCM. What's the difference? Nothing from a technical standpoint...if you're looking for a TLM-only solution. But most organizations wanting to gain the deeper efficiencies of time and labor automation pay attention to how time collection integrates with payroll and, moreover, how all of this talks to their personnel tracking (i.e. human resources) systems.

And that's the difference that is impossible to understate: Bennett/Porter has partnered with Kronos to provide the entire Workforce Ready suite as People Savvy HCM, which consists of full featured HR, Payroll, and TLM modules, all of which work seamlessly together via a unified database and single logins for one point of entry to the entire suite. In other words, People Savvy HCM is a comprehensive Human Capital Management solution.

Sage Time is only one-third of this set of interrelated components, and, as such, it depends upon Visual Integrator to talk to Sage Payroll inside of Sage 100. This means separate and different database solutions as well as multiple logins as you move the information back and forth.

An equally important difference is that Bennett/Porter supports the entire implementation process and beyond, from evaluation, to implementation, to training, to post-live support. The people you collaborate with at the beginning will be the same people you'll continue to work with after you're up and running. This is why we've earned a 30-year reputation as a local Trusted Advisor for our clients. Sage, conversely, sells the software, but - more than likely - they will transfer customers to an outside third party for implementation and training. That third party may not be local, nor may the ongoing support be.

So if you are looking for a strictly TLM solution, there still are tangible differences in how it's deployed and supported. We can implement that one portion of People Savvy HCM for you and design the processes to move the data into your Sage 100 Payroll application. After all, if we're already working together on your Sage 100 Payroll module, doesn't it make sense to continue working with us as you add TLM functionality? Then, if you want to add the other modules in the future, we'll still be there to make that happen.

If you're thinking about a TLM solution, let us suggest that you spend some time reading our Human Capital Management blog posts. They provide some insight into the business benefits of a full-suite solution. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please get in touch and let's talk about a demonstration of this game-changing software.

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