Where do you turn for reliable HR answers?

Posted by James on May 7, 2019 at 9:11 AM
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  • People Savvy HCM Essentials HR Webinar DemonstrationCan and should we screen social media accounts as part of the hiring process?
  • We have good reason to believe an employee has been stealing from the register. What should we do?
  • How do we keep an employee at-will but require them to give notice before leaving?
  • Can we ask an applicant why they are leaving their current job?

Where do you turn for answers to these and other HR questions? Google? Colleagues? A coin flip?

Businesses spend an average of 25 hours per month trying to understand and resolve HR issues, and in too many cases much of that time is spent guessing or following poor advice. There's a better way to get reliable information faster, and we're inviting you to see how it works.People Savvy HCM Essentials is our on-demand advisor service designed to answer all your company’s HR-related questions with answers dependable enough to grow your business on. Using it, you'll find expert guidance for issues related to benefits, compliance, hiring, workplace policies, on-boarding, and so many other critical areas.

On Tuesday, May 21, we'll be demonstrating the features of this indispensable tool in a live webinar. By attending, you'll see how easy it is to find the information and resources you need. You'll also learn how quickly our live, expert HR Advisors can help when you need personalized answers.

People Savvy HCM Essentials Webinar Demonstration

Tuesday, May 21, 11:00-11:45am PDT

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As a bonus for attending, you'll receive our 10-page eBook: The Hiring Guide: Best practices for hiring, onboarding, and retention. Besides giving you a glimpse of what People Savvy HCM Essentials has to offer, this resource will help you attract the right candidates and retain the best employees.

 Best Practices Hiring Onboarding Human Resources          Best Practices Hiring Onboarding Human Resources

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