Where's the "Service" Part of Customer Service?

Posted by Sue on June 17, 2016 at 3:14 PM

My Mom, who will be 88 years old in a few months, has always wanted to go to Nova Scotia. I decided this was the year that we could cross that off of her bucket list. My husband and I belong to one of those travel groups that you’re just supposed to be able to call and they’ll make arrangements for you. Their website shows various sights in Nova Scotia, so I filled out the form with the time-frame for our trip, which is October so we can see the autumnal colors, along with where we wanted to go in Nova Scotia. I also asked what things we should see that we didn’t know about.

And then crickets.

No one contacted me after a week, so I called to confirm that they did get the request. “Yes,” they had the request, and “Yes,” they were working on it. (At this point, I wondered why no one had sent an email letting me know that they did receive the request and that they were indeed working on it.) In the next few days, I received information for things happening in Nova Scotia...in August. I called again and said, “I wanted to take the trip in October, not in August.” They told me they had seen that, but someone else had just requested information about a trip in August, and they already had that prepared.

When I said, “Nevermind – I’ll just see what I can find out on my own,” the lady I was speaking with said, “That would be great. We’re just too busy to help you.” Um...what? They’re “too busy” to help me? I called a supervisor to say how disappointed I was with the service I had received, and she apologized and said she would have someone else call me back. Someone did call. And then I received information about travel in Nova Scotia...in July. Again, I called and asked if she didn’t see that my travel date was October, and again the answer was, “Yes, but we already had something prepared for July so it was easy to send that to you.”

Remember the days where someone actually did what you asked them to do? We really try very hard to do that at Bennett/Porter. We do follow-up calls after our clients have upgraded their software; follow-up calls to verify that a support case has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction; and we send Survey Monkey emails asking clients to evaluate our performance. If ever we don’t meet or surpass your expectations, we want to know about it.

In the meantime, I think I’ll try and get the money back we paid to belong to the aforementioned travel group. They claim they have great customer service, but I certainly have not experienced it!

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