Who truly has your back? Your Trusted Advisor does.

Posted by Jeff on March 13, 2017 at 2:11 PM

It is almost impossible to hide from technology today. It’s everywhere. Moreover, advertisers and marketers flood our inboxes and fill the borders of just about every website we visit. We are constantly bombarded with who has the latest technology tools that will supposedly make our personal and business lives better and easier. It’s so easy to fall prey to marketing strategies designed to spin offerings so that they seem perfectly matched to what I think I’m looking for. Whether via traditional methods or through social media, everyone advertises as if they have our best interests at heart. Interestingly, they all primarily talk about themselves. Wading through all of this information is a daunting task for anyone who encounters it; especially companies striving to stay competitive in their own market with their own products.

How should one choose? Should you pursue the most modern technology, or should you look for something you know works well and has proven reliable for many others? Truly both.

When asked, most of our customers provide feedback about partnering with Bennett/Porter by saying, “We didn’t just buy a solution. We bought you.” What does that really mean? Why is that so important? To quote author and optimist Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Somewhere along the line, our expertise, professionalism, and, most importantly, our passion for business and the success of our customers resonated, and clients developed high level of trust. And isn’t trust what successful relationships are truly about?

Make sure you are collaborating with folks that truly understand the importance of why they do what they do. Their passion for your success must be their first priority. I think a great way to test this early on as you evaluate prospective partners is to gauge whether they seem more interested in what is important to you than talking about themselves. Their professionalism, experience, and business acumen will become very evident in their methods and focus as they investigate your business goals and requirements. We tend to spend more quality time with people that believe in what we believe. This is true with our friends, and it should be just as true with our business partners. And that's what a Trusted Advisor does.

Find that trusting relationship with your technology partners, and you will notice yourself spending less time chasing issues and more time focusing on your own business and its successes.

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