Why use a Managed Services Provider for your IT Services?

Posted by Ryan Wroblewski on December 27, 2017 at 11:51 AM

Using a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to assist your company’s Information Technology needs has several advantages. If your business is like most, you have technology that is in constant need of updating, maintenance, and even replacement. Many companies will hire an IT person to handle these tasks, and in many cases that company will either outgrow that person or - on the opposite end of the spectrum - not have enough for the hire to do.

A MSP can provide these services but with the added advantage of providing an entire team to be available at your disposal. MSPs like Bennett/Porter have several technicians and engineers, each of whom has expertise in different areas. This diversity of knowledge is the single greatest benefit that a MSP can provide a company. This arrangement is particularly helpful when problems or needs arise that may potentially overwhelm your one technical person. Like hardware and software, knowledge can become obsolete, and one person trying to keep up with all the different areas required to run a network can be a monumental task. A single technician will rarely have the depth and breadth necessary to maintain and fix the incredibly varied and complex systems most businesses require to run and thrive in their competitive industries.

Hiring an outside firm is usually cheaper than maintaining in-house talent as well. Whether using a maintenance plan or paying as you go, your company can not only save money over the course of the year, but it can get more bang for the buck. Imagine paying less than one employee costs and getting the value of six specialized employees; without the overhead!

Having a MSP that is local to your area only strengthens this case. If you do have an issue that requires hands on work, we are always ready to assist. We can be there - literally on-site - when you need us and in the background when you don’t, always making sure that your infrastructure is running in tip top shape.

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